About Us

We at Indian escort service believe in treating every client as our only client. We provide more than was is expected from an elite escort service agency. We introduce you to our fresh, young and well mannered, beautiful and sexy women. We also assure you of personal custom made experiences for you. Hire now to create a special moment down your memory lane. We go ahead than our competitors and provide you the surety that we will maintain 100% discretion and confidentiality. All our girls are aware of the confidentiality clause and will never disclose the specifics. We bring together talented people to help create best experiences for you. We guarantee no complications and no side effects. However, we would like to caution you that after experiencing our service you may get addicted to it.

We work in a discreet manner so it very unlikely that you will find any reviews around on the internet. We believe in working with the reference model and mouth to mouth publicity is our best publicity channel. We, however, do receive a lot of good feedback in the form our client satisfaction. We were originally formed to cater to only a few selected clients. However, over the years we have grown and have increased our reach. The reach is not for the masses but to likes of people who believe in the high-quality company and are selective in life. Our experiences are planned to be a good synergy of positive energies and passion for lovemaking in an elegant environment. Our aim is to always provide you with world’s best service.

We refrain from dealing with activities that are less tasteful. Please do not confuse our company with any other local ones. We always cater to sophisticated gentlemen who are looking out to fulfill their needs in the most amazing city called Delhi. A lot of companies around believe in charging a very high price to prove their high standard, but in reality, they have no standard. A lot more hard work is required to be done in order to become as good as us. We don’t make fake promises. We believe in creative quality experiences for our clients and then maintaining the standard throughout. We try and offer you the best possible quality. We cater to those who have a good taste in life. We try and place you with a match who is not experienced. Our beautiful escorts do not have a bad attitude or unnecessary aggression. However, they are quite aggressive in bed. We believe in providing only high-quality service so that our clients have the experience of a lifetime.

We try and match our clients with women from the upper class. Our women are used to living with the high society standards, etiquettes, good social behavior and they know their good manners. After all, one can understand from where they opposite person hail from in a matter of seconds. You can judge them yourself once you are with them. Genuineness is not easy to fake. The women who work with us are models, actors or pursuing their dreams. We do work with women who are escorts full time. As this kills their soul and they lose their charm. We believe in giving our women the best in class treatment. Good quality comes at a price. If money is their first priority then we do not make them a part of our brand.

We are extremely in choosy in our selection process. The same goes for our clients as well. We believe in providing classy services for people who know what class is. We do not aim for a big turnover. Rather, our main aim in matching the genuine synergies between the two. Are women will always love up to your expectation? Our expertise in this field gives us the much-required edge above the rest. Our regular clients know what to expect from our escorts. They know the level of our services. The best part about our work is that you get to meet classy women and you never know how you might end up with them. The women are so beautiful that generally, our clients fall in love with them. We would also like to request you that please do not keep on negotiating with the deal and rather sit back and enjoy the premium quality service that we have to offer.

Our aim is to take care of you at every level. Right from calling to billing, we have you as our priority. We are one of the best discreet services available in India. We believe in our growth through our customer’s growth. We are sure that you will never have a negative experience, and if you ever experience one. We are here to listen to you. As careful we are in selecting our wonderful escorts, we have the same selection for our clients. We believe in bring classy individuals together so that they have an enjoyable experience. We have a range of services, right from in call to even girlfriend experience. We believe in looking into every detail for our clients.

As are screening in difficult, we try our best to give you the best match. If we can’t find one, we let you know about the same. We will not let you go out with any random woman. Honesty is our top policy. As already mentioned, we are above the rest of the agencies. We want you to have the best experience. So, if you don’t get a match we request you to call us again another day to try your luck. We respect our clients to respect our lovely escorts. Mutual respect is very important. We like to build a long-term relationship with our clients and so believe in taking care of our clients completely. In return, we expect our client to behave like gentlemen with our women. Respect is always mutual.

Our women are best in quality and so they incur high costs to maintain themselves like that. So in return, it is only fair to pay them in the same way. We charge you a handsome amount and give you the luxurious experience. We are a niche company for the niche. We believe in quality and mutual respect.